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Why should I get a home inspection?

1.  Buying a home is a large investment.  To make sure you are making a good investment a home inspection is a must.  Most people, even contractors, cannot recognize major deficiencies in a home.  Good home inspectors are specially trained to understand how the many systems in a home function properly, and how those systems work together.   We are able to detect and describe deficiencies in those systems, and recommend the best coarse of action to deal with the problems appropriately.    Therefore, a good home inspector gives you an idea of exactly what you are getting into, helping you make well informed decisions.

2. A home inspection is generally used as a contingency in the purchase contract.  A home inspection contingency is included in most contracts.  In the majority of cases the contingency value, and its use as a negotiation tool, far outweighs the price of a quality inspection.


What does a home inspection cover?

A thorough home inspection covers most components of the home including the frame structure, the foundation, roof, basement, crawl spaces, attic, garage, exterior, plumbing, electrical system, floors, doors, windows, HVAC components, and insulation. Hundreds of things are inspected in these general areas.  NACHI  (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) has created a standards of practice (link Below).   This identifies in much more detail everything that should be covered in a home inspection.   Unfortunately this or any other standards of practice is not universally followed by inspectors.

NACHI standards of practice-www.NACHI.org/sop.htminternachi_blue_gold


What takes place at a home inspection?

My home inspections generally take 2-4 hours on site.  You (the client) are encouraged to walk through with me as I conduct the inspection.  I will be pointing out the problem areas as well as other details of the home, and answering any questions you may have along the way.  During an inspection I will be taking pictures for use as a reference.  Important  pictures will be included in the report itself.  Within 24 hours I generate a comprehensive report that is easy to read and understand.   I email the report in PDF format.  My reports are many pages, but  have color coded condition indicators to particularly identify problem areas as repair or safety issues.  My home inspection reports also contain a summary which is used to highlight information contained in the report itself.  However, the whole thing should be read in its entirety.   There is a lot of useful information included in the report that will help educate you on your home, and serve as a reference in the future.

Sample Inspection Report (.PDF)















































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