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         “I had a wonderful experience with JWH Inspections.  When I arrived Jason was already there working, very through and informative. Would definitely use and recommend  JWH Inspections again!!”  -Tenier S


       “Jason was very thorough, knowledgeable and easy to work with.  He was very accommodating in answering questions during the inspection itself.  The resulting Inspection Report was comprehensive, delivered in a timely fashion and clearly detailed in his findings and recommendations.  I would recommend JWH Inspections for prospective home buyers and sellers.”  -David Y.


       “I recently bought a new house.  During the house purchase process, I needed to do a home inspection which represents a crucial procedure to check the house, and was very delighted to have my home inspected by Mr. Jason Hornung – JWH Inspections, a very professional and well experienced home inspector who identified items needing repair before the closing date.  I received from him a very professional Home Inspection Report, supplemented with pictures, identifying each item that was working well, needing to be maintained, and what needs immediate attention in sense of safety.  That inspection report helped me identify maintenance costs, and subsequently enabled me to reduce the home purchase price, considering repair costs.  Furthermore, JWH Inspections report has become a reference guide that helps me maintain my new home.

       I would like to thank Mr. Jason for his professional home inspection work, and for his support answering any questions I had following the home inspection process.  I have already provided my friends with his contact information for any home inspection that they may need upon purchasing their homes.  Having a home inspection done by JWH is indeed the correct dependable choice.”  -Mohammed A.


       “I used JWH Inspections on two different occasions and each time the quality of work was exceptional!!  Jason provided an extensive inspection report in a short amount of time which included colored pictures of each area inspected.  He was extremely thorough as he climbed on the roof and ventured through the crawl space.  No space was too high or too low. If you want a quality job, Jason is the man for you. During the inspection he was very informative and he exemplified such a professional demeanor. I would definitely refer my family members and friends if they needed a home inspection.  It is rare to find someone who displays such high standards. It was a joy working with Jason.” -Tanya M.


      “We were first buyers and we hired Jason to conduct a home inspection.  Jason was punctual, professional, and set straight to work.  He made sure to explain his findings, and offered repair or implementation suggestions.  Jason also performed a radon test within the home and was punctual with notifying us about the results.  Time is of the essence when buying a home and we never waited on anything from Jason.  I highly recommend his services and will refer anyone I know in the market for a home to him.” -Josh G.




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